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15 October 2013

Do you find you get frequent snack cravings in that mid-afternoon energy slump, but don’t want to succumb to a high calorie treat?

Delicious has discovered your perfect snack that allows you to get your sweet fix without the guilt afterwards.

Introducing Tasty Little Numbers - These snacks feel a little bit indulgent without the diet wrecking calories, so they’re ideal if you’re trying to lose weight.

Remember that Tasty Little Numbers is not diet food - but tasty, healthy food!

You can find a Tasty Little Numbers treat at all Delicious Cafés and in all our Delicious Express vending machines.

’Diet’ foods are often a much inferior version of their higher calorie counterparts. However, Tasty Little Numbers’ snacks are really tasty and just what is needed to curb the hunger cravings.

100 Calorie Chocolate

A delicious little crispy crunchy wafer dipped in milk - choose dark or white chocolate. Made with real chocolate and sugar - Tasty Little Numbers use no artificial sweeteners or anything else to sweeten the bars up.

100 Calorie Chips & Crisps

Made the same way as every other brand of crisps, Tasty Little Numbers crisps are all about portion control. With Cheese & Onion, Texy Mexy BBQ Grills, Bacon Rashers, Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks the TLM range has a flavour for everyone. With 100 calories per bag, the TLM range lets you snack without fear!

The Tasty Little Numbers range has been developed by Jo Beach who wanted to be able to eat a little bit of what she fancied in portion controlled measures. TLM takes the guessing games out of counting calories.

We are proud to offer these healthy yet tasty treats at every Delicious site. Banish snack guilt forever!

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