Success on a plate

10 December 2015

When busy Human Resource teams at Steelite, Royal Crown Derby and Portmeirion needed to outsource their catering management, they contacted us.

As rapidly expanding companies, it made sense to bring in a focused service provider to motivate staff, deliver attractively priced food and reduce waste.

Our involvement has helped increase sales by over 30% on average and we continue to provide improved control and transparency on hospitality subsidies.

At Totally Delicious, we are also experienced in coordinating existing canteen refurbishments, transforming tired areas into 5 star food safety rated environments.

If you employ several hundred people and your business is growing, you’ll find our attractive management fee structure offers excellent value for money (0ur equivalent cost is less than 1 member of staff).

The Totally Delicious track record proves that we enhance commerciality of your sales, and of course we love the opportunity to use our clients’ pottery in our cafes.

Winner, winner - Totally Delicious Dinner.

Steelite Royal Crown Derby Portmeirion

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