We’ve landed on our feet...

21 October 2016

... With a contract value worth £10 million from Australian theme Park giant Flip Out.

Our MD Dominic Bowers was visiting Flip Out Stone recently - having a great time with his family; bouncing on trampolines, jumping into foam filled pits and generally having fun - when he saw a brilliant opportunity to create a quality food and drinks experience to match the healthy fun of the venue.

He contacted the owners and pitched his ideas for an on-site, bespoke, managed café. The figures made sense, they liked what he’d done at Trentham Gardens with the Totally Delicious Tearooms - and … we won their business.

Flip Out Stone is owned by franchisees Matthew Melling and Elliott Shuttleworth who started the company a year ago and due to its phenomenal success the pair will be opening a second Flip Out in Chester (close to Cheshire Oaks) in December.

The 53,000 sq. foot Flip Out site in Chester is set to be the World’s largest indoor trampolining theme park and Flip Out needed a catering specialist to help keep their many customers happy and satisfied.

The owners recognized our total customer focus, our understanding of queue management and staffing numbers and that our food is of a really high quality - homemade and locally sourced wherever possible - it’s definitely not chips and beans.

They were very impressed with what we’ve done at Trentham Gardens and loved our creative theming ideas for the forthcoming Chester Flip Out restaurant ‘The Kitchen’ and mezzanine grab and go café ‘The Cage’.”

In all, there will be seating for 247 visitors who can enjoy a wide range of quality food including gourmet burgers, salads, skewered meats, home made pizzas and sandwiches, delicious coffee, chilled drinks and Snugburys ice cream.

Totally Delicious is investing over £500, 000 in the 10 year Chester Flip Out contract and in the process we’ll create 30 new jobs.

If you ask Dominic how he won the contract he’s likely to say, “I suppose I was in the right place at the right time”. Well, he’s proved he can talk the talk and walk the walk but the question now is … can he bounce the bounce?

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