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The Future of Staff Catering - Totally Delicious at Work

Staff expect a food and beverage option to rival high street enterprises and with Delicious you can give them what they want. Totally Delicious is the ideal solution for a company looking to create a pleasant working atmosphere and increase productivity by meeting their employees requirements.

Consistently growing site sales by over 20%, letting Totally Delicious take control of your food and drink means better engagement with staff and customers. We focus on improving spend per head on sites - the key to commercial measurement of improved customer satisfaction.

Walking into a Totally Delicious Café you’ll notice it’s different to other staff canteens. The warm and welcoming atmosphere in every Totally Delicious Café is perfect for your hardworking employees. We offer a tempting range of freshly-made food and drink options to cater for every requirement. All Totally Delicious sites are run by our friendly and professional staff, who’ll make sure you are well looked after during your Totally Delicious visit.

Totally Delicious has installed 7 work cafés in the Midlands and North West - supplying offices, factories and call centres. We have a solution for every sector.

Healthy and Homemade - A Bespoke Solution

Totally Delicious knows that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to food and beverage sites. Our solutions differ wildly depending on the location and the consumers within - We have a solution for your problem - no matter what it is.

All of our menus are completely tailored to reflect the consumers using our services. We can take over your food and beverage facility and turn it into a place your staff members will want to return to again and again. We can do a refurbishment, change the furniture and redecorate the whole room - a full re-launch.

We have renovated workplace canteens and turned them into café’s serving freshly made food, prepared on-site by trained chefs. Our menu includes sandwiches, baguettes, paninis, cookies, muffins, brownies, cakes and baked potatoes. We cater for employees who need that hearty grilled English breakfast - at any time of the day. We offer piping hot meals such as chilli and lasagne. Delicious cafés serve a variety of beverages including our own brewed coffee, hot chocolate, espresso, teas, frappuccinos and fruit smoothies.

Our menu is completely customisable and is designed to ensure we offer your staff the most desirable options.

The Totally Delicious Way

We take pride in what we do - great people, great service and great results. We’re proud of our ethical, our environmental and healthy choice commitments. We wrap everything up into our quality brand packaging to give every customer the knowledge of having bought something special.  Our staff are trained to be the best and to deliver consistently polite and efficient service with a smile.

Whilst a contract kitchen will cost a six figure sum- our solutions are cost effective options.

All our cafés are fit for purpose and we work with you to create the most desirable option. It’s the ideal solution for business and we think it’s the future of staff catering. We come with our own engineers and our own chefs to completely take care of your food and beverage solution. When space is a premium we can still provide a complete option for your consumers.

We keep costs as low as possible whilst still offering the highest quality. With our referrals and experience, we have an answer to your problem. Why not give us a call and we’ll arrange for you to see for yourself what smart thinking and a ‘partnership’ approach can achieve.

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